still on the fence

I recently watched a TV interview with the current NZ Police minister, discussing recent issues.. one was ‘Drugs’:

1) their priority is to see more Police on the beat/streets, keeping ‘Law & Order’ (ie Prohibition)

2) concern about recent news of 10 deaths from ‘Synthetics’ which she said is ‘not Cannabis’

3) there is a REAL concern that law reform with see more youth use (misinfo.; should be regulated R18+, not just legalise an unregulated black-market)

4) seemed to be ignoring the overseas evidence (Decrim./regulated already).. she said ‘Its still needs more research’

5) she said that Police are almost giving up on the Drug WAR; spec. Meth/P (flooding the black-market) BUT natural herb (drought.. still hear reports of raids on plantations/grow rooms in news) ?

6) she said ‘further announcements are coming prior to the General Election (23/9/17), BUT no commitment to any real change/law reform

** I think this Govt. are just misleading/keeping us ALL guessing; their Party leader (current PM) has continued the words of the last PM ‘NO further Reforms coming under this Govt. !!’

btw; I watched a TV interview with some new party candidates for the upcoming election; a support/coalition party of the current Govt. are reportedly ‘also on the fence’ BUT when asked about her opinion on possible decrim. their candidate said “ABSOLUTELY !” (in support) more misinfo. ? :/

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