Very Angry Cancer patient

I read that a terminally ill, cancer patient who was using black-market cannabis, to relieve her suffering, was ripped off & is ‘Very Angry’ about this & the issues.. the press release reveals:

‘A terminal cancer patient scraped together $4000 for a black market cannabis treatment, but found it didn’t work.’

‘Auckland pensioner (name removed) was desperate for a new source of pain relief after her supplier of cannabis, known as a ‘green fairy’, was arrested in October’

‘Without her reliable, affordable supply of relief, (the patient) turned to the internet and came across a South Island cannabis balm supplier.’

‘Two days later, (she) said another man contacted her claiming to have “the best medicine”, a 90-day regimen of balms, oils and tinctures.’

‘Cash-strapped (she) borrowed the $4000 from family and friends to pay for the package, containing several cannabis products and handwritten instructions explaining dosages.’

“Unfortunately for me, it didn’t work,” she said.

‘Vaping the cannabis oil as instructed caused (the patient) to cough up “quite a huge amount of blood, which really frightened me, so I stopped taking his medicine”.’

“I was upset at first, then very angry with the man, he seemed very genuine and convincing, I think I’m quite a sensible person but because I was desperate I let my guard down.”

‘The drug black market meant it was easy for people seeking pain relief to be ripped off and sold dangerous, ineffective cannabis health products, she said’

‘She said she was not interested in pharmaceutically-produced cannabis products, and wanted “whole plant” medicinal cannabis legalised.’

‘The new government has promised a referendum on cannabis use by 2020.’

‘The Ministry of Health told (the media source) it recommended individuals discuss their needs with their doctors before seeking alternative treatments.’

* This is a total disgrace, people suffering terminal illness should not have to resort to the illegal black-market, to obtain a medicinal plant that works for them, regardless of the narrow-minded attitude that still pervades much of NZ society, around Cannabis; which is still often referred to as ‘Medical Marijuana’ to muddy the waters. Its time this narrow-minded B-S was finally put to rest, so patients can get the relief they deserve !

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