Limited medicinal grow ?

I read that a Hemp farm in Aotearoa/NZ is applying to allow their crop to be used to extract medicinal compounds (CBDs) from the plants. I believe they are currently grown for industrial use only. I read the following issues:

‘(The region) is gearing up for its second season of hemp production, with the aim of finding a mother plant with specific medicinal characteristics. If the hard work pays off (the hemp farm) could be granted the first license in New Zealand to grow cannabis for medicine.’
‘Of 5000 plants, only one will make the cut.’

“(this region) is well placed to be leading the medical cannabis industry in New Zealand. We’re well advanced with our discussions with the Government and the Ministry of Health. Things are looking very positive for us being the first crop of medical cannabis in the country and getting the necessary licenses and going through the regulations,” says (the spokesperson).

‘Being granted a license is subject to the company first meeting strict government requirements for manufacturing medicines based on international standards.’

‘As well as employment opportunities for whānau (local families), (the hemp farm) has teamed up with (the local training college) to provide a hemp growing course which already has 15 students.’

“They’re learning not just about the growing part of it but the business behind the industry that we’re needing to develop.”

‘Planting starts this weekend and local public investment opportunities will be open come the new year.’

*I noted that they are only talking about plants that yield CBDs (cannabidiols) & not THC (the active ingredient, associated with the ‘HIGH’). It seems that there is still a total zero-tolerance to actually growing ‘Medicinal Cannabis’, but only allowing plants deemed to be ‘Hemp’ to be used. Still sounds like ‘fear-mongering’ & misinformation.. that is preventing the cultivation of higher THC level cannabis in Aotearoa/NZ (for any reason)

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