Changes in 2018 ?

“Kia Ora Koutou” (Hi all) & Best Wishes to all the readers/followers of EtDWNZ. Hopefully 2018 will be the year we start to see REAL change in Aotearoa/NZ; Medicinal Cannabis reform & serious debate on personal use (R18) that will lead to the promised Referendum, prior to next election (2020).

Here are some thoughts, on these matters:

1) that the Govt. Bill introduced at the end of 2017, will pass 1st reading & progress to be decent law reform this year

2) that this law will not just end up being ‘Big-Pharma’ products only (extension of current policy); inc. option for use of the raw herb too, esp. for the terminally ill, who have little else to lose

3) that we finally see some rational debate, beyond echoes of ‘Reefer Madness’; misinfo. about ‘causing insanity/mental illness’ & everyone, who smokes a joint or two going through the ‘GATEWAY to Hard Drugs’, as is still often heard by the ignorant & the ‘prohibition industry’ & others who benefit from the status quo. That they finally accept that the main focus needs to be; educating youth about the real impacts of drug use & dealing with any negative effects, with health care.. not just ZERO-tolerance/Prohibition

4) that the wider public’s opinions are seriously listened to, not just the so-called ‘experts’ & the legal profession/Police etc.

5) that NZ Police actually start to use the ‘real discretion’ they are supposedly empowered with, to stop arresting genuine medicinal users & adults who may use the herb, as an alternative to Alcohol/tobacco etc. IF they are still intent on ‘enforcing the law’, then move their focus to large scale commercial production, not the people who grow a few ‘herbs’ for their back pain etc.

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