kiwi fearmongering

I have been looking at media reports & bloggers comments, about California being 9th USA state to legalise personal, adults cannabis use.. it sounds like there are mixed reactions, esp. from Kiwi commentators; some even sounding like they expect the ‘sky to fall’ over the West coast of USA.
As I’ve said before, I think that there are still many ‘Kiwis’ who are totally opposed to such reforms reaching Aotearoa/NZ; which has amongst the highest levels of use per capita, in the world, according to several recent UN drug reports.. between 15-20% are reportedly regular tokers, whereas in many other OECD countries. I’ve read most are around 10-15%

The folks that are likely most opposed to such legal reforms:

1) NZ Police, Courts, Prisons who rely on the ‘ILLEGAL Drug trade’ to keep a large portion of their employees, ‘Gainfully Employed’: “Lock ’em Up”

2) Churches & other ‘morals crusaders’ who spend most of their time sitting on ‘their high horses’ trying convince us that the status quo is the only effective way to deal with DRUGS: ZERO-Tolerance, ‘for Gods-sake think of the children’ & other misinfo./nonsense.. but which of the 10 commandments actually demands this ? NONE !!

3) Pharmaceutical industry, who see the growing & consumption of this drug as a probable challenge to their ‘profit margin’

4) Politicians who will support any issue that keeps them in power (even Prohibition, if the numbers support it) & the lobbyists & ‘donors’ who fill their coffers

5) Black-market growers/dealers (Gangs etc.) who also rely upon the status quo for their huge, non-taxed profits; $350-400 ounce currently

6) The ignorant or apathetic who still hear the fear-mongers & either believe it OR don’t really care about changing the law

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