In light of the recent Cannabis law reform in California, I looked up some maps (on the net) that reportedly show the legal status of Cannabis in USA & the World (CannaMaps) 🙂 Here is my summary based on the details I see:

1) 29 USA states have some level of Legal Medicinal use 🙂
2) 9 USA states also, have legal personal, adults (R21) use 🙂
3) 14 more USA states seem to allow CBD (low THC) only, medicinal use
4) 7 USA states appear to still have Prohibition only
5) The USA Federal Law though; still lists Cannabis (aka; ‘Marijuana/marihuana’) as a Schedule #1 ‘Narcotic, similar to Heroin. I understand this means they state it is ‘most open to abuse & of no known medicinal/therapeutic value/use’. ie TOTALLY ILLEGAL !! “what a contradiction” 😦

6) Canada has legal medicinal use & is scheduled to move on personal use this year ? 🙂

7) About half of the South American countries, have either legal medicinal, decrim. use & Uruguay has legal personal use too. About half still show as illegal.

8) Most of ‘Western Europe’ have some level of legal use (medicinal) &/or Decrim. personal use.. except France & Norway still shows as illegal.
9) Most of Eastern Europe still shows as Illegal

10) Russia is shown as Decrim. medicinal & personal use

11) India & Pakistan shows as ‘Illegal but not enforced’. Bangladesh is shown as fully legal 🙂

12) The African continent is a mix of illegal or ‘no info.’. Sth Africa is shown as ‘Illegal but unenforced’

13) Most of Middle East show as Illegal, but Israel has Decrim. all uses

14) China, Japan & South east Asia are mostly shown as Illegal

15) Australia’s states is about half Decrim. & half still Illegal

16) Aotearoa/NZ is still showing as ILLEGAL, but we do have some medicinal use & further reform coming in the next few years :/

Having watched the ‘rising tide’ in the last decade, it does seem reform is slowly moving around the world.. BUT methinks some countries (Asia) will likely stick with Zero-Tolerance. Aotearoa/NZ is still firmly ‘sitting on the fence’ (at least ‘officially’)

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2 Responses to CannaMaps

  1. 59caddy458 says:

    Great article! Great Research. I like to use also. I was searching the web for it and found this article. 🙂

    • Zedd says:

      Thx for your comment ‘Caddy’. It is always interesting to compare the laws, in the different countries, states etc.
      One thing I think is obvious here in Aotearoa/NZ, is the ongoing misinfo., that prohibition is still ‘the norm’, when obviously it is not, esp. in the OECD/Western countries that we often compare ourselves to. 🙂

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