Observing the hypocrites.. again

I read that the recently retired ‘Assoc. Health Minister’ (Drug Policy NZ) has come out & attacked the new medicinal cannabis policy, introduced by the new ‘Left leaning’ Govt. Here are some comments/remarks:

‘The former minister responsible for drug law reform is calling the Government’s bill on medicinal cannabis “half baked” and “a pretty sad gimmick” that fails to give sick people immediate access to good products.’

‘The (new) Government introduced the Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Amendment Bill at the end of last year, which would develop a regime to ensure quality for domestic and imported products.’

‘But it is expected to be two years before products are made and sold in New Zealand, so the bill includes a provision to decriminalise the use of cannabis for patients with a terminal illness, defined as having less than 12 months to live.’

‘(previous minister), who used to be associate health minister, said the bill was underwhelming and the product of a naive 100-day pledge.’

“It’s a pretty sad gimmick. It doesn’t really change anything. It doesn’t improve immediate access to people and it doesn’t do anything about the cost of medication.”

​’Defining who decriminalisation applied to was “fraught with difficulty”.’

‘(new) Health Minister (name removed) has said New Zealand will monitor the situation in Australia, where medicinal cannabis was made legal in 2016 and companies are preparing to deliver domestically made products within a few months.’

‘(prev. minister) said rather than monitoring Australia, New Zealand should be “piggy-backing” so quality products would be available to New Zealand patients at the same time as they are to Australians.’

‘Advocates of medicinal cannabis have cautioned against a scheme similar to Australia because they say it favours large, corporate manufacturers.’

‘New Zealand patients currently have two medicinal products available, pending sign-off from the Health Ministry. Sativex costs about $1200 a month, and an oil made by Canadian company Tilray costs about $600 a month. Neither product is subsidised by Pharmac. (Govt. agency)​’

‘It does not go as far as Green MP (name removed) member’s bill, which would allow anyone with a qualifying medical condition to grow, possess or use the cannabis plant or cannabis products for therapeutic purposes, provided they have the support of a registered medical practitioner.’
* this bill was ‘softened’ by the new Govt. minister, in order to get the support of the other coalition (centrist party) partner
** It was agreed that the Green party Bill, can still be introduced, as a ‘private members bill’ BUT there is not guarantees it will get majority support & pass !

The retired Minister is making all these negative noises. about the new Govt. policy direction.. he was in the job 9 LOOOOONG years & did almost nothing, but talk,talk,talk & finally allow; 2 ‘Big Pharma’ only products, under extremely strict rules. “those in Glass houses, should NOT throw stones” sez I 😦

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