more from the frontlines

I read these three news items from the ‘Frontlines’ of the Global Drug war. Here are some ‘selected highlights’ from press releases:

1) Jersey (Channel Islands, UK);
‘A Father has been jailed for 12 weeks after police found nearly 100 grams of cannabis in his family home during a drugs raid.’
‘(name removed) (25), of Le Marais, pleaded guilty to possession of drugs and a separate charge of breaching a community service order by going to Prague for a weekend after he had told Probation officers he was visiting his father.’
‘Centenier (name removed) said that police officers, accompanied by a drugs dog, carried out the search on the afternoon of Wednesday 8 November and found a white box that contained a block of a resinous substance that was later found to be 95.97g of cannabis.’
‘Advocate (name removed) said that his client used the drugs to relax and tackle insomnia.’

2) Perth WA (Aust.);
‘WA Police have been left red-faced after a thief stole nearly 100 cannabis plants from under their noses in Perth’s southern suburbs.’
‘Police attended a semi-rural home in Anketell after they were tipped off about an alleged cannabis cultivation project on the property.’
‘Officers arrested a 61-year-old man and a 41-year-old woman at the property, and charged them with growing the plants.’
‘While police investigated, they established a crime scene and officers were assigned to guard the property overnight.’
‘However, when police executed a search warrant the next morning, they found the scene had been breached and around 100 cannabis plants removed from the property.’
‘The Organised Crime Squad is also investigating the theft of the cannabis plants and a range of serious drug offences linked to the property.’
‘The two people charged were remanded in custody and will appear in the Perth Magistrates Court on Tuesday.’

3) New Plymouth, Aotearoa/NZ;
‘(name removed) pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis for supply when she appeared in the New Plymouth District Court on Thursday.’
‘A stash of cannabis tinnies ($20 deals, wrapped in tin foil) stored in a tupperware container were found by police when they uncovered a drug dealing operation during the arrest of a wanted woman.’
‘During the visit, drug items inside the house were seen in plain view by officers, who invoked their ability to carry out a search without the need of a warrant.’
‘In total, police seized 29.54 grams of “good quality cannabis head” along with $100 in cash, the summary of facts said.’
‘On Thursday, the 46-year-old pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis for supply when she appeared in the New Plymouth District Court.
‘(the defendant) was remanded on bail to reappear for sentencing on March 7.

The WAR still goes on.. in many places 😦

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