Whilst looking up info. on the proposed medicinal cannabis reform bills.. about to go before NZ parliament soon, I came across a website: ‘Say Nope to Dope’, put up by a ‘Christian Charity’ group. Whilst I am hesitant to quote the content of one particular post, titled: *‘MEDICINAL MARIJUANA’ IS BEING USED AS A SMOKESCREEN FOR ALLOWING RECREATIONAL DOPE* (their large capital letters) Here is a list of points I read & took umbrage at:

1) The Constant use of terms like ‘Medical/medicinal Marijuana‘.. almost too numerous to count. Many other commentators agree that ‘Marijuana’ is a slang term & should only be used in terms of Recreational use, not scientific or medicinal/therapeutic. Herein lies the point of this; they are deliberately trying to ‘Muddy the waters’ by claiming that it really about ‘Legalising POT’ (as they also mention)

2) The members bill put up be the NZ Green political party, included a scope for wider use of the plant/drug than just ‘Big Pharma’ products & even includes, that registered patients should be able to ‘home grow’ a few plants or get a ‘care giver’ to do so, to save costs. This blurb is suggesting that this is really just an excuse to allow them to become ‘legal pot dealers’, with implications that they could easily sell some to friends & family too

3) They add ‘quotes’ from several doctors & medical associations etc. that cast doubt on the actual evidence for ‘genuine medicinal/therapeutic use’.. even though most other OECD countries now allow its use & even the ‘raw herb’. They go on about ‘smoking it’ being more harmful than going without the drug. They brush over the fact that this is only one option; Oral ingestion of Oils etc. & vaping, being others.

4) They talk about ‘the proven psychological harms of Marijuana’ (echoes of Reefer Madness) specifically for children.. BUT avoid pointing out that the majority of medicinal users are likely adults (terminally ill or chronic pain) & the drug will only be prescribed to Children under extremely regulated conditions. In other countries I hear, they are looking to Cannabis as a ‘gentler pain relief than Opiates’ (which are in ‘Crisis’ from addiction & death in USA etc.)

5) There is also several allegations that Cannabis does not really have genuine medicinal/therapeutic value (echoes of Schedule #1 USA) & say that there is broad evidence that it only works in a small number of cases & is over exaggerated at best.

6) They say that because advocacy groups like ‘NORML’ (Nat. Org. Reform MJ Laws), who support all uses of Cannabis, also support medicinal reforms, this is clear evidence that it is ‘Just an excuse to Legalise recreational MJ’

7) They do concede that the current regime of ‘Big Pharma’ Oral spray (Sativex) is ‘acceptable’ any further changes are just not on their agenda.. ie Status quo only, they even mention ‘Marinol’ (a synthetic THC) that has been proven to be; less effective than the natural extracts or use of the whole plant

8) There is a big rant about ‘How Harmful the plant/DRUG’ is & that they will never support any further law reforms !!

As I say, If you are interested in reading this ‘B-S’ (my opinion) then go to:

* I always welcome debate & others opinions, but after reading this post, I can clearly understand why Aotearoa/NZ is now ‘at the back of the pack’ in the OECD on medicinal cannabis reforms.. many ‘Christians’ likely are swayed by this stuff, that to my mind borders on ‘extracts from Reefer Madness‘ that was widely discredited, in most of the world in 1960s.

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