kiwi attitudes seem to change

I was listening briefly, to radio talkback last evening.. the topic was ‘Medicinal marijuana/cannabis’. In the past few years, the callers seem to have been split.. with many from both extremes of the issue, BUT the segment I heard, last evening.. I don’t think there was one, who was staunchly opposed to the idea of some level of law reform ! 🙂

There were people ringing up saying that they were currently ‘illegally’ using the drug for pain relieve & as a relaxant to help them sleep etc. One man even said he was current grower & was now, providing more to people looking for medicinal use, rather than other personal use. Perhaps with the recent passage of one Govt. bill (to select committee) & with a few ‘famous kiwis’ having come out about their use, the attitude is finally changing. The one negative point was made by one ‘radio host’ who asked the ‘resident expert’ about the ‘strains that cause psychosis’ (as was often claimed), to which the reply was (paraphrased); ‘There is NO such thing, there are people who suffer negative side-effects.. esp. those who may have an underlying mental issue/condition.. BUT there is no clear evidence, that cannabis causes psychosis or other mental illness.’.
This was backed up by few callers, responses. eg “I’ve used the drug, for decades & never had such issues” OR “I used it & did not like it, so stopped using” etc.

There were a couple of people who stated that they had ‘become addicted’ to the drug in their youth, but found it was not too hard to give up. Again; Cannabis does NOT seem to cause an addiction, in the same way that Tobacco, Alcohol & Opiates can.. its more a dependence, that seems much easier to quit.

There was one caller who stated he was opposed to ‘recreational use’ but said that IF the drug, does have genuine medicinal properties, then the law should not stand in the way, of allowing doctors to prescribe it.

The ‘resident expert’ host stated that ‘there has been a misconception, that prohibition has been the way to prevent use’ BUT he went on to say, that recent evidence, has clearly shown this to be untrue & in fact has had the opposite effect, with use rates in countries that have eff. zero-tolerance (like Aotearoa/NZ) often higher or at least similar to levels in countries/states that now regulate the drug.

Yahoo.. perhaps the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ is finally becoming clearer.. in this little back-water, at the bottom of the world !

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