Police want med-use delay

I read that NZ Police are calling for a delay to the provision, in the recent Govt. bill, to allow Terminally ill patients to have a legal defense to use ‘illicit cannabis’, prior to further possible law reforms. Here are some details from the press release:

‘The Health Minister pushed ahead with giving full legal protection to the terminally ill to use cannabis, despite advice from the police asking for that particular provision to be delayed.’

‘The legislation currently before Parliament, means anyone terminally ill will not have to rely on the discretion of the police or the courts if they’re caught with cannabis.’

‘If their case gets to court they can present certification from their practitioner to avoid prosecution.’
‘Under the Bill the definition of “terminally ill” is that someone is likely to only have about 12 months to live.’

‘Official papers obtained by (Radio NZ) show there were conflicting views among government agencies about how far the medicinal cannabis bill should go.’

‘They show while the police supported giving terminally ill people “reassurance” they would not be prosecuted, in principle, they wanted the statutory defence deferred.’

‘Police wanted to “ensure any legislative provision was workable” and that it would not create “unintended consequences”.’

‘However, Health Minister (name removed) disagreed.’

“The police suggested deferring because they’re concerned about how these things are to be policed – that’s their job – we of course are concerned to be compassionate in our response.”

‘Furthermore, the Justice Ministry said it was a “concern” there was not legal protection for other people getting cannabis on behalf of someone who was terminally ill.’

It closed with these statements:

‘In a statement, police said they were “committed to preventing the harm caused by illegal drug use and associated offending”. (still ZERO-tolerance)

‘They said they would work with the Ministry of Health “to support the implementation of a workable, safe and regulated regime”.

* To my mind, it sounds like the Police, are still trying to have TOTAL control over this issue & any possible change to the law.
It is the Govt./Politicians who make the laws, NOT the Police, who are only employed to implement them !

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