news from frontlines

I read some recent stories from the ‘frontlines’ of the Drug war in Aotearoa/NZ :

1) Charges brought against NZ ‘Drug Offenders’ has been until recently, by far the highest level for; Cannabis.. recent peak in 2009/10 at about 15k

2) In the last five years the arrest rate, for ‘cannabis offences’ has dropped. The number of charges for methamphetamines reached a similar level in 2015/16. (about 5k each) It is not clear from the graph I saw, whether cannabis use has actually dropped; unlikely, BUT it does seem that the use of Meth/P has increased & that the Police have perhaps moved their focus to it, as their new priority in the NZ DRUG WAR ?

3) A police raid on a house found the residents in a ‘zombie-like’ state from using ‘Synthetic cannabis’. There were two young children also at the property (a 5-year-old & an 8-week old baby); the report say they both seemed affected by the drug (second-hand smoke ?), the report said the children are in the care of ‘Oranga Tamariki’ (state care) the report says ‘they had suffered from no medical issues despite their potential exposure to the drug.’

Whilst it is good to see that perhaps, the ‘Police priority‘ has finally moved to ‘more harmful drugs’ (Meth/P & Synthetics) BUT recent news also show that cultivation & supply of ‘natural cannabis’ is still firmly on their radar; zero-tolerance to all illicit DRUGS is still clearly ‘the name of the game’ in this country !

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