Aust. Med use

I watched a TV doco. last evening titled; ‘A Life of its own’; about recent changes in Medicinal cannabis attitudes, ‘across the ditch’ in Australia.

It started with the journo. saying she was hesitant to take on a story about ‘Medical Marijuana‘ but after she met a young man with cancer, who was using CANNABIS, to relieve the nausea side effects etc. from his Chemo-therapy, her attitudes changed. Interestingly the young man’s father was a retired Police officer, who had been employed in the DRUG Squad over several decades.. he & many of his associates admitted they too, have changed their ‘Zero-tolerance’ approach/attitude to Cannabis; only after it directly affected his family.
The journo. traveled to Israel, where she met the doctor who first researched the active compounds in Cannabis, in the 1960s (THC & CBDs). He has gone on to lead much wider research into the plant & its potential uses. In addition the following issues were raised:

1) The prohibition of cannabis (aka ‘marijuana’), for nearly a century, has put an almost total block on research into other uses, besides ‘getting high’; Medicinal/Therapeutic & Industrial (Hemp)

2) The fear-mongering & demonisation has effectively brainwashed/hoodwinked the generations, since the start of prohibition, into believing that Cannabis is ‘an evil, insidious.. Demon Weed’. This has created a total misconception & irrational fear of the plant & its broader potential

3) Doctors in many countries are still weary of prescribing cannabis, because it does not fit into their ‘traditional western medicine’ training. During the interview it was clear there are still vastly differing views in the medicinal profession

4) One doctor stated that in the medical profession, they expect all drugs to have standardise use, dose & curative results. Cannabis does not ‘tick all these boxes’ & is frown upon by many doctors, for this reason. BUT the doctor said that if cannabis & its extracts can relieve the symptoms of even a small percentage of sick patients, then it should be available for these people.. even if it does not cure them all.

5) They showed several cases; Children with Epilepsy & other similar neurologic conditions, that were getting relief from CBD extract/oil. Cancer patients who had relief from side effects of Chemo. etc. They even said that experiments in mice, had seen cancer/tumors shrink from CBD/THC treatments.. but no such clinical trials had occurred in humans. They also showed a lady with spinal disc deterioration who was taking opiates & other drugs, who is now using ‘high THC’ cannabis to relief her pain.. she was walking about, pain-free after just inhaling some vapourised cannabis. A man who is paralysed from the neck down, who was suffering severe tremors, who used high THC cannabis to relieve his condition & relax him. He too had previously been prescribed Opiates.

6) They interviewed a doctor who was; Struck off the Medical register several years ago, for ‘illegally recommending’ cannabis to his patients. He said regardless of this action, he will continue to Advocate for further reform & uses of Cannabis

The documentary was made in 2016. At the end they said the young man, at the start of the story had unfortunately passed from cancer, but it had started more serious research in Australia. A wealthy family donated >$300mil to Sydney University, to further research the use of the plant (a family member has epilepsy which is also being treated with cannabis).

The NSW state Premier has since, taken up the cause & is also pushing for broader use of cannabis. They said he also talking to other Aust. state leaders about following this trend.

Meanwhile; Aotearoa/NZ has effectively fallen to the ‘back of the pack’ (in the OECD) on this issue.
btw; They mentioned the UN Drug reports that confirmed that NZ does have some of the strictest Cannabis laws (in OECD) & yet we top the WORLD on use (>14% regular users) & arrest rates per capita ! GO FIGURE folks…. 😦

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2 Responses to Aust. Med use

  1. larryzb says:

    They ought to conduct double bind studies with large sample (patient) sizes and analyze the results for about 50 years in “peer reviewed” journals. Then, perhaps, they can take up an informed discussion on the benefits of the various forms of cannabis. Afterwards, proposed legislation can be debated.

    One might think that the opposition to some of the palliative uses of cannabis may be coming from the pharmaceutical industry. As well, doctors are loathe to bite the hand that feeds them.

    • Zedd says:

      Thx for your comment.. the main focus is that after nearly a century of prohibition, the research has been BLOCKED & they need to stop looking for more excuses to prevent or stymie medicinal use of cannabis. The current anecdotal evidence maybe considered ‘inconclusive’ but this should not stop sick people getting relief, if they see fit; with a doctors recommendation/support !

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