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I watched some news items this evening, from the frontlines; about recent cannabis reforms:

1) The first medicinal cannabis dispensary has opened in South Africa. They are currently only using & supplying oils & tinctures. They said that whilst the recreational herb, is still illegal, the laws do seem to be, becoming ‘more relaxed’. They showed footage of a recent celebration of Bob Marley’s birthday (Durban ?). The police were present & people were openly inhaling, but no arrests 🙂

2) They started with footage of NZ Police ripping out large cannabis/MJ crops.. BUT; it seems that medicinal cannabis could be about to ‘go mainstream’ here in Aotearoa/NZ. They then, showed footage of ‘Hikurangi Enterprises’ (who I have mentioned in previous posts) who are branching out from legal hemp, to medicinal (CBD) oil trials. They also interviewed a businessman, who is about to setup a medicinal company too (in a ‘secret location’; Auckland ?). They showed a huge warehouse (larger than a rugby sports field) that he said they intend to turn into a growing facility; 1000s of cannabis plants… just waiting for the final approvals. He said that there is no way the business can fail. He said that the plant needs to be ‘rebranded’; Medicinal Cannabis (not ‘Marijuana’)

3) they showed a restaurant that was using a ‘special ingredient’ in their new menu; hemp seeds/oil. There has been a recent law change, that approved ‘low-THC’ seeds to be pressed into oil & used, similar to other seeds in cooking. It is high in proteins & omega acids… but wont get you ‘high’

They closed by asking the managers of Hikurangi & the proposed ‘new business’ (mentioned above), whether they would branch out into recreational use ? Both said it was not on their current agenda, but if there is further reforms, after the promised referendum (2020) then it was something to consider.. :/

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