NZ Reeferendum maybe next year ?

I read that the ‘reeferendum’ on cannabis reform (rec-use) that was promised, to be held; on or before the next NZ General election (2020) maybe moved to next year. Here are some points from the press release:

‘New Zealanders may get to vote on legalising marijuana next year.’

‘The government is currently debating whether to hold the referendum in 2019 because it’s not sure holding it at the 2020 General Election would be a smart move politically.’

‘The referendum on legalising marijuana was part of the confidence and supply deal struck between Labour and the Greens – although (Leader of the other coalition party/NZF) backs one too.’

‘Justice Minister (name removed) said the government’s contemplating holding it next year, rather than in 2020.’

“We need to make sure there is good public information out there, good events for people to express their views, so that would dictate a timing that would be no earlier that late 2019.”

“The critical question is going to be, what is the question to go to the electorate with, one that makes sense and gives a meaningful answer and gives a mandate if it is approved to proceed with further work…. ”

‘Drug Foundation executive director (name removed) agreed the question was key.’

‘Green MP (name removed, drug policy spokesperson) said other aspects of how the referendum will be run are still being hammered out too.’

“The first thing we have to consider is whether we put legislation before the House first which will then be triggered by whatever the threshold may be of that referendum turn out.”

“We’re still working through that, so we’re working with other government parties and inside our own caucus to discern what the best course of action will be,” (Green MP/spokesperson) said.

* I and others; in the ‘reform movement’ have also stated, that running this ‘reeferendum’ at the time of the next election, is NOT ideal. It could well be sidelined, in the midst of all the politicking. IF the result is a clear ‘YES’ to further reform, then this also relies upon this new Govt. being re-elected (no guarantee, just fingers crossed) in 2020.. because the current main opposition party, made it clear (when they were in Govt. last 9 years) that recreational use of cannabis/MJ is NOT on their agenda in any forseeable future !

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