media misinfo.

I just watched a TV news item; a ‘Drug dealer on parole’ in Belgium has shot two Police officers.. It was not until they put the footage on, that they ‘just happened to mention’ that whilst he was in prison, he was reportedly recruited by ISIL. So this is likely related to that (terrorism ?) & not the reported ‘drug offending’ ?

This reminded me, of the ‘standard closing remark’ for most, criminal news reports in 1970s… “A small quantity of cannabis/other illegal drugs, was found at the scene” which many likely thought was a contributing factor OR that ‘only criminals take DRUGS’

The old adage about ‘successful media business’ sell most newspapers or more viewers/listeners etc. even if the news is B-S or exaggerated nonsense ? 😦

All sounds a bit like, more ‘FAKE NEWS’ to me

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