to vape or not.. that is the question

I watched a brief news item on ‘vaping’ (nicotine) in Aotearoa/NZ. The following issues were raised/discussed:

1) in light of a proposed ‘smoke-free NZ’ (cigarettes) by 2025 target. Is this actually a safer option ?

2) Is it even considered ‘harmless’.. as some seem to think ?
an ‘expert’ said, it was likely less harmful than smoking tobacco, but there is concern about having all that vapour in your lungs.. condensing into liquid

3) the ‘vaping liquid’ does contain various chemicals & nicotine extract & is still ‘addictive’

4) it was stated that in Aotearoa/NZ, the vaping liquid is still considered, to be only for use to get off cigarettes, but many are just replacing one for the other. BUT again, it was questioned ‘is that a better option ?’

5) one man stated, he had smoked cigarettes for about 25 years & recently had changed to vaping. He said it did feel like a healthier option & he no longer had the ‘smokers cough’ that he once had

6) many teenagers were now seeing vaping as the ‘cool option’ over smoking, BUT; some are concerned about the ‘harm’ it could still cause

7) the ‘expert’ mentioned something called ‘pop-corn lung’; the heat from the element, harming the inner lining of the lungs

*This just smacks of the same ‘noises’ we hear about cannabis.. there ARE some harms, but rather than accept them & try to minimise the harm, let’s go with a ban instead.. shall we ?

btw; they mentioned that the vaping liquid is apparently ‘officially illegal’ in Aotearoa/NZ, (likely not widely known, sold openly in shops) but police just turn a blind-eye (similar to cannabis in other countries.. Holland) probably because tobacco/nicotine is still legal.

** when are they going to learn.. If they outlaw these substances (as with our current ‘drug policy’) you can never actually prevent its use, as long as some folks choose to do it.. all you create is another BLACK-MARKET.. “Wake Up people !!”

Stop trying to wrap everyone up in Cotton-wool” sez I 😦

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