Despatches from frontlines

I see the following issues, fresh from the frontlines of the Drug War:

1) Canada’s house of commons have voted to legalise cannabis (personal use) & it now goes to their senate..

2) The Texas Republicans have endorsed ‘Marijuana Decriminalisation’.. in opposition to the Federal prohibition stance

3) 5 Danish political parties have given support to cannabis legalisation. ‘Police are wasting their resources on the never-ending battle to clamp down on the sale of recreational marijuana..’ & this ‘But the law against selling recreational cannabis enables organised crime networks to profit hugely from illegal trade..’ & said there is NO age-limit on buying illegal cannabis..

4) following a previous post; it seems that the ‘Cofyshops’ in Paris are now likely to be shutdown. The original story said that the shops could only sell ‘low-THC’ cannabis, but this is being disputed by officials, after the large numbers queuing to purchase. It has been stated that some are exploiting of the ‘grey area’ (relating to CBD/low THC cannabis) by selling other strains that do not fit the rules.
‘But now the Paris prosecutors office has charged narcotics investigators with a preliminary investigation to “verify the legal conditions of sale of certain forms of cannabis are being respected’ (ie less than 0.2% THC). A ‘cofyshop’ was selling cannabis at about 13euros/gram as well as other products. A spokesperson said ‘.. it is difficult to tell the difference between his product & the real weed…’ They all have same smell & appearance.. & that ‘The Police cannot tell the difference’ he said ! 😀
Some said they attended ‘out of curiosity’ or ‘to try out the legal version’ etc.
watch this space for possible updates

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