French ‘Cofyshops’ charged

I read that the ‘Cofyshops’ in Paris have been shutdown & a few people have been charged with breaching the regulations; prosecutors have laid charges against 3 of the staff.. selling cannabis above the THC limit of 0.2%

French ‘anti-drug’ squads searched the premises, that had seen long queues of ‘customers’. They said the shops were ‘importing & offering illicit drugs’ as well as ‘encouraging the use of narcotics‘. The shops were only licensed to sell ‘CBD products’, mostly used for medicinal purposes.

The Govt. has plans to ‘soften penalties’ for cannabis use. Scraping potential prison sentences, to on-the-spot fines, but remain opposed to legalising the drug !

*sounds like ‘The hard edge’ of decriminalisation ?
It seems a bit strange that countries all around are moving toward ‘regulation’ (in some form) BUT France seem still firmly in the ‘Just say No’ camp

**On-the-spot fines; is something that was discussed in Aotearoa/NZ several years ago, but failed to get support from either side of the debate. We await further news on the announced ‘reeferendum’ before 2020 election. :/

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