Hesitant voices

I have been reading quite a bit of info. on medicinal cannabis, including from doctors & ‘other experts’ in this field. Rather than the optimism of some others, they are taking a very hesitant; more research, wait & see approach. Many are likely aware of the ‘Endo-cannabinoid system’ that exists, within the brain & central nervous system.. with receptors that are activated, by the presence of CBDs & THC. (& other synthetics that mimic these chemicals) These seem to be, what it working with reducing epileptic seizures etc. BUT the natural extracts/compounds are the most effective.

BUT the issue, is that many of these doctors & others, are being asked to give ‘expert opinion’ on something, most were not educated in & really do not have expert knowledge on.. or so it seems ?

Most doctors in Aotearoa/NZ & other similar ‘western’ countries are educated in ‘western medicine’ (not herbal therapeutic alternatives).. ‘let me have a look at you.. here is a prescription for some pills etc. that will CURE your symptoms/illness’

Cannabis does not seem to work this way, in a ‘medicinal context’ (in fact the word ‘therapeutic’ maybe more suitable) it seems to relieve symptoms, but not actually cure the condition… needs to be taken on an ongoing basis, (more like Chinese herbal remedies) but other ‘western medicines’ are the same eg ‘Blood pressure tablets’.

It seems (IMHO) that many see cannabis as a ‘NEW drug’ that needs to be put through, all the rigorous testing that most other ‘new drugs’ go through.. BUT they seem to forget that cannabis, has been used for 1000s of years & much of the literature etc. still exists. ie We do not need to totally ‘reinvent the wheel’ with this plant & its compounds, we just need to open our minds & cut out the negativity/stereotyping & misinformation, that still surrounds this issue.. get on with allowing it to be used by folks who do benefit from it.. pain relief etc. It is 2018.. not 1975 (MODA introduced) & we need to stop the B-S & irrational hysteria & use of phrases like ‘Medical MARIJUANA’ which is a slang word, btw … :/

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