from global frontlines

I have been reading quite a few stories on cannabis issues.. from the global frontlines of the Drug War:

1) Hemp is being seen a ‘saviour crop’ in parts of Africa.. a whole raft of issues from food security to wider economic issues were mentioned

2) a report in ‘The Lancet’ (medical journal) seems to still be casting doubt on the medical efficacy of cannabis; especially for pain relief.. but there does seem to be some agreement that ‘it will help to give a good nights sleep’.. if nothing else

3) USA attorney-general has come out previously condemning the law reform of natural cannabis.. but it seems he has granted a ‘Big pharma’ company the monopoly on production of ‘Synthetic THC’ (for med-use ?)

4) 4000 legal medicinal cannabis plants in Switzerland have reportedly been pulled up.. but not removed. The licensed company has apparently lost about 1.3million Swiss francs, in potential earnings

*meanwhile here in Aotearoa/NZ, we are awaiting news on medicinal reform (bill before parliament) & the campaigns to ‘start the conversation’ on recreational use, in the lead up to the promised ‘reeferendum’.. maybe next year ?

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