South Africa says YES

I read that the HIGH Court of South Africa, has given the Green light to cannabis reform. This from a press release:

‘South Africa’s highest court has legalised the use of cannabis by adults in private places.’

‘Pro-marijuana activists cheered in the public gallery and chanted “Weed are free now” when the Constitutional Court gave its landmark ruling.’

‘In a unanimous ruling, judges also legalised the growing of marijuana for private consumption.’

‘South Africa’s government had opposed its legalisation, arguing the drug was “harmful” to people’s health.’
‘It has not yet commented on the ruling, which is binding.’

‘Supporters of the legislation of marijuana celebrate after the Constitutional Court ruled that the personal use and growing of marijuana in South Africa is legal, Johannesburg, South Africa, 18 September 2018’

‘The court gave parliament 24 months to change the law to reflect its ruling.’

‘Adults who used marijuana in private would be protected by the ruling until the law was amended.’

‘The court did not specify the quantity of cannabis a person can grow or use in private.’

‘Parliament would have to decide on this, it said.’

‘In April Zimbabwe became the second country in Africa, after Lesotho, to legalise the use of marijuana for medical use.’

* further proof; the global tide of reform, is still rising & moving forward. Even here in Aotearoa/NZ our Govt. is looking at Med-use (a bill before parliament currently) & a public ‘Reeferendum’ on personal use is on the agenda.. by the next election in 2020 🙂

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