Synthetic Elephant

I see that the previous Assoc. Health Minister (Drug Policy) in Aotearoa/NZ has come out & said that we need ‘urgent action’ on synthetics.. to avoid further harm !

This is the same guy who.. as Minister (in Previous Govt.) pushed to regulate (make them legal) these synthetics, labeling them as ‘low risk’ but refused to include NATURAL Cannabis in the debate. For a short time, under his ‘Psychoactive Substance Act’ this did actually happen, until a public outcry (after news, that his son was employed in the industry) saw the law reversed & they were reclassified as ‘illegal’ & returned to the Black-market. Now there is reportedly calls, to reschedule them as ‘Class A’ drugs, due to the fact that about 40 kiwis died in the last year, from these ‘totally unregulated’ drugs.. that in at least one test, found Flyspray in a sample.

There is even discussion about, again allowing a regulated market for some ‘safer synthetics’ to be sold legally. BUT the ‘Elephant in the room’ is: WHY are they constantly ignoring the obvious solution ? Legal Regulation of NATURAL Cannabis. This was briefly mentioned & them swept aside with a comment ‘Well maybe its OK with medicinal‘. Talk about ‘creating a narrative’, to maintain the Status Quo. How stupid do they think we are ??

As more OECD countries move to change their laws around Natural Cannabis.. the ‘power-brokers’ in Aotearoa/NZ are still feeding us this ‘MISINFORMATION’ around this issue. Even though there is ‘Reeferendum’ on the agenda; on or before the next Election in 2020 on Cannabis reform.. it seems to be getting very little media attention. They seem more interested in talking B-S about the ‘Synthetic Elephant’ storming through the country.. STILL !

Definition of INSANITY: keep repeating the same thing, over & over.. expecting a different outcome !
Over 43 years of ZERO-Tolerance (MODA 1975) & Still counting.. 😦

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