more synthetic harms

There has been much debate recently, about the increased number of people being harmed or even dying from using ‘Synthetic cannabinoids’ in Aotearoa/NZ. After the passage of the ‘Psychoactive Substance Act’ several years ago, that legally regulated these drugs; BUT was since repealed. There still seemed to be a misconception, by some that these substances are ‘low risk’ & less harmful than natural cannabis, that remains totally illegal (Class C Drug). I read this from a recent press release, titled ‘Synthetic Cannabis: We can’t guarantee that they’ll live’.

‘In the past 48 hours (from news report), 10 people have been taken to Christchurch Hospital (Sth Island NZ) after smoking the drug’

‘They were admitted separately & have come from all over the city’

‘(a Doctor who was treating them) said they had suffered symptoms including seizures & heart attacks & three remained in Intensive Care unit’

“These 10 will probably be OK but certainly some of them have gambled with their lives….”

‘All had taken either AB or AMB-fubinaca which had been linked to numerous deaths in North Island in the past year’

“Synthetic cannabis is a very dangerous drug, there’s no safe level to smoke & we strongly advise… that people stay away from smoking even small amounts of this”

*This totally flies in the face of comments, that these synthetics ‘were likely low risk’ & other comments that; natural cannabis was not !

**There still seems to a hesitation by the NZ parliament, to move forward any law reform agenda.. prior to the announced ‘Reeferendum’, at or before 2020 General Election… how many more kiwis will get sick or even die, because of the unwillingness to adequately address this issue. There have been many prominent voices, calling for the Natural Herb to be either Decrim’d or legally regulated, to avoid further harm from Synthetics.. which some use (at their peril) because; it is often easier to get, than the natural herb (Police still have it at/near the top of their priority list) & these synthetics are not included in most Workplace/Govt. agency drug testing regimes 😦

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