other news from frontlines

I read these misc. news items.. from the frontlines of the global Drug War:

1) a major investor in one of the largest social media websites, has now invested in a Canadian medicinal cannabis company. The company is now set to make massive profits from this industry.. this comes in light of the US/global soft drink company that is reportedly, moving into this industry too

2) there are reports that USA President is about to address the UN.. calling for Ramping up the global Drug War. He has been making noises, that support similar actions to the Philippines President & others in Asia, that promote the DEATH penalty, for trafficking & dealing. Meanwhile at the state-level there are increasing moves to legally regulate Cannabis… go figure ?!
Meanwhile a group of other nations, are launching a report: ‘The Responsible control of Drugs’ through regulation & reform of the current Prohibition policies.. btw; NZ is one of those listed.

3) In opposition to the rhetoric.. that cannabis/MJ reform is leading to, increases in crime; a new study has found no evidence to support this nonsense. In fact the regulation of the drug, has seen greater control & a decrease in ‘drug-related crime/harm’ that actually results from the unregulated black-market. The regulation in many USA states etc. has seen more effort put into reducing harm & health care options instead
*Maybe the Law makers in countries like: Aotearoa/NZ should sit up & take notice; there is still alot of the negative rhetoric reported here, that a legal market will lead to more harm & ‘the end of the world as we know it’ (maybe it will.. but is this a bad thing ? lower crime rates & less gangsters etc.)

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