SO.. who broke the law ?

I see in a local news report, that a University administrator (Proctor) reportedly entered some student flats, to ‘deliver pamphlets’ without the permission of the tenants & he removed several ‘Bongs’ (cannabis pipes). One of the students was asleep & the other students were out at the time & when they returned, they thought they had been robbed.

Here are a lines from the press release:

‘All was revealed the next day when the proctor told them he had confiscated the bongs and would not report the matter to police – providing they cleaned up their flat.’

‘It is legal to possess and sell bongs in New Zealand for smoking tobacco. The flatmates’ items were never returned.’

‘A university spokeswoman told (the student publication) the proctor was comfortable with the actions he had taken.’

“The proctor spoke to the male occupants in the flat and made them aware of the action that was taken, with the flat occupants acknowledging the equipment had been used to smoke cannabis. ”

“The bongs all contained cannabis residue and have been disposed of,” it was reported

‘(the Proctor), a former police officer, also hit headlines earlier this year when it was revealed Campus Watch had removed hundreds of copies of the student magazine, which featured a cartoon of a person menstruating on the cover.’

I hear there is to be a further investigation into this matter..
So; who really broke the law here ?
*it was estimated, that the bongs were valued at about $400

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