Civil rights… abuse

I was just watching a TV doco. about musical anthems, for a sector of society who were, until about a decade ago, still widely demonised & abused.. I’m talking about LGBT (‘Gays/Lesbians’ etc.). I see many parallels, with the way they were treated & the way, that Cannabis users are still being treated, by certain sectors of the society.. even today !

When I was a teenager, growing up in New Zealand (prior to ‘Aotearoa’, being widely adopted), many people had tried it OR knew folks who did.. BUT it was only whispered about in quiet corners. It was only used in dark, back rooms at parties. Many folks did then & still do say the ‘Clinton’ thing “I tried it man.. but didn’t inhale” OR just flatly deny anything to do with it, for fear of being labeled/vilified or possibly arrested. Also fear of job loss or travel restriction.

The public demonisation of cannabis, still goes on (as per my recent posts). Some ‘prominent’ members of the media & MPs etc. deliberately FEAR-mongering; “For God’s sake think of the Children”.. as good adults don’t use ‘DRUGS’ !!

As was mentioned in the Doco. (comparison); do people seriously believe that the ‘sky will fall’ OR everyone will turn into chronic Pot-smokers, if they do change the law, OR will they actually, finally realise; that ‘YES, people do use cannabis’ whether it is legal or not. Some people use it because ‘its a lifestyle choice’ or they do not actually like alcohol/tobacco.
When I was young, I still remember, my Dad said to me (paraphrased) ‘Why do you smoke that crap.. here have a cold beer.. its better for you’. He drank, several bottles every night after work. Back in the 1970s, NZ was considered the place, of ‘Rugby, Racing (Horse) & Beer’.. Football/Soccer was called a ‘Poofs (Gay) game’ & as I said Cannabis/other drugs were ‘ILLEGAL’ & rarely mentioned in ‘polite company’. Then came 1979 & I was ‘busted’ for growing a few plants, in my flat. I lost my job & found it hard to get another one. I decided to ‘jump off this waka’ & moved to Australia (20 years). Over there, Cannabis use was/is considered a misdemeanor, unless you have been to jail. I had no problem getting a Govt. Job.. the form only required you declare, arrests that resulted in jail time.
I returned to Aotearoa/NZ in 2003, to find that the draconian attitudes, I thought I had left behind.. really had not changed, in this country.

BUT; it does seem that finally.. with all the other civil rights ‘issues’ (inc. LGBT) finally resolved.. the parliament of NZ (mostly Thx to Green party) have finally gotten around to ‘Cannabis law reform’. How many otherwise, Law abiding citizens like me.. have suffered this attack on our basic civil/human rights ? What DID happen to ‘Freedom of Choice’ ? It seems to have been washed down the toilet, in the 1950s onwards, with ‘Reefer Madness’ & all the other B-S that went along with it.. echoes still heard today, by some ignorant folks OR those who are benefiting from prohibition

SO; just like the LGBT community, who can now legally ‘Get up Stand up’ for their rights.. WE (activists/advocates/bloggers etc.) need ALL cannabis users to ‘Come out’ & do likewise. If you continue ‘hiding in the closet’.. nothing will change.
BUT; If nothing else.. make sure you are registered to vote in 2020 & GET OUT & do so.. Vote ‘YES’ in the referendum for CHANGE & NO to the Status Quo !! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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2 Responses to Civil rights… abuse

  1. Angelica says:

    I used to smoke cannabis, but gave up years ago. I support people’s right to choose and think it would be far better to allow citizens to grow their own rather than opting for foul synthetic drugs like methamphetamine and bankrupting themselves on legal tobacco and spirits.

    • Zedd says:

      Cheers for your comment.. I think most agree that natural cannabis herb, is far less harmful than ‘Synthetics’ OR Meth. etc.

      On a ‘level playing field’ Alcohol has been compared to a Class B drug & Tobacco as similar to Class A, for the numbers for deaths & other harms to users & society. Cannabis is Class C (In NZ), so on this scale, is widely seen as less harmful.. BUT the law still says ‘Cannabis is illegal & therefore must be worse’ ?

      Thereby proving; The LAW is an ASS ! (IMHO) :/

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