Empire building

I was watching a TV doco. about the history of Belfast (Ulster/Nth Ireland). During the ‘Victorian era’ the city was, built on a massive increase in Industry. One of the main ones; Flax (not NZ Harakeke) grown to make ‘Linen’. They said that during the USA Civil War, the American cotton industry was cut-off & the British Empire called on Belfast (& others) to increase their textile production (from Flax). Traditional Flax is a thin reed, that can be separated into the woody inner core & the fibrous outer part. The Fibre is then spun into thread & made into textiles etc.

Unfortunately; these environmentally-friendly rope/textile industries were replaced, mostly by Cotton & later synthetic fibres; nylon etc.
BUT: the cotton & synthetic fibre industries, are among the biggest users of Chemicals (pollutants); fertiliser/pesticides.
NOW; people scratch their heads about, WHY the world is dying from Chemical pollution; Thanks to the ‘Robber-Baron’ Industrialists of the early 20th century onwards.. 😦

This sounds just like, the products that HEMP (mostly grown in warmer climates; India etc.) were also made into.. aka ‘Canvas’ (from Cannabis) & ropes/twines. According to some sources, this was the main driver of the WAR on drugs i.e. Cannabis : to get rid of this ancient plant, so that they could take over & turn to making most of the Environmentally-UNFRIENDLY products, that are now poisoning our planet !

Time to “WAKE-up” & get back to these NATURAL alternatives.. BUT especially Cannabis/Hemp !! 🙂

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