frontlines brief

I read these two press release items.. in brief (extracts) from the frontlines:

1) 2020 will unleash greater medicinal cannabis access

‘Last month the Ministry of Health released the final Medicinal Cannabis Scheme, but in the lead up to Christmas many may have missed the significance of this milestone.’

‘Officials had just 12 months to design and finalise the new medical cannabis regulations, consulting healthcare professionals and the burgeoning industry during that time. Overall, they have done well to deliver on both the public and parliament’s desire for Kiwi patients to have greater access to affordable medicinal cannabis products.’

‘Key to delivering on patient access was the decision to drop the requirement for specialist sign-off on prescriptions which had been proposed in the July discussion document.’

‘This means all GPs will be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis products without additional oversight, and for any condition. Unlike some other countries, there will be no list of ‘qualifying ailments’ they need to abide by.’

‘Our work included commissioning a large Horizon Research survey of over 700 healthcare professionals in August and publicly releasing the results.’

‘The independent survey confirmed healthcare professional’s strong belief that GPs are already specialists in the field of general medicine, know their patients best, and are perfectly capable of prescribing cannabis-based products on their own. A majority of doctors made it clear that specialist sign-off was unnecessary, and in the end this view was shared by the Ministry of Health.’

‘The Ministry of Health has done well to deliver robust, pragmatic regulations within a tight statutory timeframe. However, the pressure remains on officials in 2020 to get on and enable licenced manufacturing and ensure local product supply. Thousands of suffering Kiwi patients eagerly await.’

2) Competition to show kiwis Canadian legal cannabis

‘As the New Zealand Government prepares for a referendum on laws to legalise the personal use of cannabis, (company), a recreational cannabis brand, is running a competition giving a couple of Kiwis the chance to win a trip to Canada. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to witness the forefront of legal cannabis, and see how a successful referendum could impact New Zealand.’

‘The prize includes return airfares to Canada and five nights accommodation to tour legal cultivation facilities, learn about the science of cannabis extraction, hear from elected officials at the forefront of legalisation, enjoy a luxury five course cannabis infused meal — and even relax at the world’s largest outdoor spa.’

“This is a chance not just to win the trip of a lifetime, but to see first-hand what legal recreational cannabis looks like before New Zealand’s cannabis referendum this year,” said (the company) CEO (name removed). “We’re excited to help educate more Kiwis about the benefits of legal cannabis and how it can work in practice.”

*I could not see any further details about how & when to enter.. :/

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