close encounter

I was getting a lift home today.. from town : Otepoti, in my mates (bert) car; he said to me ‘put that away.. theres a cop-car up our Arse’

After we turned off.. I replied : I remember being at a 420 about a decade ago.. in a pub beer garden. We heard someone calling the cops ‘there here smoking marihuana’. We broke up & three cars full of blue uniforms, suddenly pulled up (in riot gear).. I headed for a nearby taxi stand. After about 5kms, the driver said : what have you been doing ? A cop car has been tailing us the whole time; full of cops. I said “you can let me out here“.. the cuntsables kept going.. I thought they were supposed to focus on RAPE, MURDER & ROBBERY etc. BUT often it seems WoD is their major focus ‘Marijuana’ being public enemy #1 ??

oh dear, how sad.. never mind & LOL

we need to win the Reeferendum 2020 folks.. “Kia kaha e hoa ma” 🙂

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