As the title of my blog says.. “It’s time to END THE DRUG WAR in Aotearoa/New Zealand”, BUT also globally. The prohibition of Cannabis has blighted most of the 20th century & beyond, by criminalising millions (maybe billions) of otherwise law abiding people, often for little more than possession for personal use. Much of what we see & hear around this issue, is to my mind (& increasing numbers of others) a plethora of MISINFORMATION that mostly started in the 1930s USA, with exaggerated newspaper/media stories about the supposed effects of ‘DRUGS’ (not including the most harmful.. legal Alcohol & Tobacco) but most often Cannabis, which was branded ‘Marijuana’ (an obscure Mexican slang name). It was regularly claimed to be the ‘Assassin of youth’, ‘The Plant with it’s roots in HELL’ & the cause of ‘Reefer MADNESS’ ! Many just accepted it, without any real evidence, until it became part of the public’s psyche.

BUT the reality of it (to anyone who admits having ‘tried it & DID inhale’) is a load of BULL-SHIT, based on Lies, Fallacies & above all TOTAL Misinformation that has twisted this issue, so much that many don’t really want to hear the truth anymore. BUT if you do believe this, then read on… & maybe shout it from the roof-tops, “LET FREEDOM RING” (words of a great freedom-fighter; Martin Luther-King)

btw: Aotearoa is the ‘local lingo’ (Maori Reo) for ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ (many joke, the ‘long bong cloud’ LOL).. the NZ does stand for New Zealand, but also could be NaZi.. this country has reportedly, amongst the highest ILLEGAL cannabis use per capita in the world & probably the highest arrest rate to match ! Whilst many countries in the ‘western world’ are moving away from ‘Zero-tolerance’, Kiwi law-makers seem unable or unwilling to follow the trend.. “Why is this so ?”

John Wilson,


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  1. Tony. says:

    New Zealand is a great country, it’s a shame will seem to living with a Victorian Era mentality with regards to Medical Marijuana. Especially with regards to people living with life threatening illnesses such as Cancer or any other serious medical condition. We may know Marijuana might not cure such medical conditions but it has been shown “scientifically” to substantially benefit in dealing with pain or loss of appetite or any other side effects the patient may be experiencing through drug treatments for such illnesses. Politicians and the “General Public” need to start showing more empathy and compassion by starting to educate themselves regarding the facts surrounding Medical Marijuana. I would refer you to Dr. Raphael Mechoulam of Israel who has received many honours, including doctorates from Spain which also included a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006 and also in 2012 where he received the Rothschild Prize for his research in the field of cannabis and the endogenous cannabinoids found in the brain and the periphery. I would refer you to an excellent documentary on the subject. “The Scientist” showing on YouTube. Please open your minds and your hearts.

    • Zedd says:

      “Kia Ora Tony”
      Thx for your comment, BUT I will call you, on two points:

      1) Cannabis (aka ‘marijuana’) was legal in Victorian times, in fact; Queen Victoria was reportedly prescribed an extract from her menstrual pain. I thought you may know; It was only made illegal during the 20th century.

      2) I prefer not to use the slang name ‘marijuana’ in the medicinal/therapeutic context. Its scientific name is CANNABIS. ‘Marijuana’ should probably only be used in terms of recreational use !

      Cheers Zedd in Aotearoa/NZ

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