the biggest lie/misinfo.

I watch, listen & read about issues on drug law, esp. in Aotearoa/NZ & recently I wondered ‘what is the biggest LIE/piece of misinfo. in the WAR on Drugs ?’;
‘That the War is achieving its stated outcomes !’ This is just total bullshit.. unless your stated outcome is; Black-market, Corruption & Gangsters etc.

In 1920s (‘roaring twenties’) USA they learned all this with Alcohol prohibition.. its nothing new, what I & others are saying, BUT the definition of INSANITY is to repeat something over & expect a different outcome. This is precisely what they are doing though !

The only explanation I can see; that there are a section of society who rely on ‘DRUG Prohibition’ for their lifestyle & wellbeing. I choose to call them.. ‘The Prohibition Industry‘ They know precisely what the laws are doing, but they say things like (as said recently by a current NZ minister)

“The benefits of decriminalising or legalising cannabis do not outweigh the harm it causes,” Mrs T said.
OR does she mean the harm ‘prohibition causes’ ?

The main problem these LIARS face is that other OECD countries now allow ‘regulated cannabis’ & they are plainly seeing;
1) lower arrests, only people supplying youth OR driving high
2) financial costs; many $millions are spent on policing the prohibition & it achieves almost no reduction. In fact the use rates in countries that maintain prohibition, (eg NZ) have higher use rates, reported by UN
3) licensed grower/suppliers (taxed), paying annual license fee; diverted to Education, treatment for those who do have negative effects from use.
4) take it from the gangs etc. reduce ‘organised CRIME’ & corrupt ‘officials’ (massive underworld)

SO; why are we still putting up with this B-S.. because too many kiwis vote for the right-wing party who support STATUS QUO

The other big lie is; ‘that you can’t separate medicinal (cannabis) & recreational use of MARIJUANA’ (they even use the slang word in the med-use context): ‘Medical marijuana’ is almost anathema to I&I

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into BAT

I heard a radio current affairs program about; Big Tobacco in USA, under the ‘new administration’.. here in Aotearoa/NZ there is a ‘grey market’ forming after tax hikes to try & ‘reduce consumption’. This includes moves to plain packaging & warnings/harm pics on packets. BUT apparently the new admin. in Washington are not going anywhere near this.

They did highlight that there are some alleged ‘connections’ between Big Tobacco & wait for it.. the VPOTUS. I hear he is also talking up moves, to reduce ‘state sanctioned’ cannabis laws (which NZ does not have)

They mentioned that the Tobacco lobby are definitely being heard by this guy & others in the ‘inner circle of POWER’

Whilst it maybe true that these ‘measures’ to reduce smoking in much of the west, are taking effect.. the overall global use level has hardly moved; with markets in ‘third world’ countries in Africa & Asia.. being targeted more.

They did mention that Tobacco IS the biggest ‘KILLER DRUG’ whilst cannabis is still outlawed as a ‘schedule #1 NARCOTIC’, but no doubt it harms far fewer people, than legal tobacco.

btw; I also hear that instead of using Hemp to turn into bio-fuel (most efficient use) they are looking at Tobacco as an alternative (more polluting ?) just to maintain ‘market share’ (or TOTAL DOMINANCE)

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another issue

I watched a media discussion program on Al-Jazeera TV recently, the topic was; Youth Suicide. New Zealand is at the top of a recent report. It was stated that this is due to the ‘societal attitude’ to this matter of mental illness; ‘She’ll be right mate’ & ‘bottle it up/don’t discuss it’ & ‘the tough kiwi bloke’ etc. etc. BUT also a ‘lonely man’ syndrome, was mentioned

There is another issue, that we are either at, or near the top of the world stats. for too; Cannabis/other drug use (esp. amongst young people)
I read that some believe these two issues are likely related, BUT I do not think our high drug use is the ‘Cause’ of this high suicide rate (as some have suggested) but more likely a ‘self medication’ for those who are depressed or mentally ill ?!

If Aotearoa/NZ really wants to address the issue of Cannabis prohibition (the reluctance by Govt. to reform the law) then they also need to stand up & get their ‘heads out of the sand’ on this other major issue, rather than ignore it & hope it goes away.. as has obviously been happening for too long

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casual coversations

I attended a friend’s birthday yesterday, at the Cannabis Museum in Caversham (he is ‘day manager’)… during the celebrations, there was a visitor (from public) to the museum & I engaged her in ‘casual conversations’ about the herb.. I was surprised at her total lack of knowledge, other than “do you guys. just sit all day, smoking it man ?” So I showed her the exhibits:

1) Industrial hemp; she had heard of it, but said “do you smoke this stuff ?” I replied “No you make rope etc. from it” I then explained its usually from the stem, that most ‘pot-smokers’ throw it away.

2) I explained about CBDs & how they are being used to treat epilepsy.. showed her the pictures of Ms Renton (whose son, was the first legal prescription allowed in NZ, unfortunately ‘too little, to late’).

3) I asked her why she thought most kiwis are so excited about weed ? she replied ‘because its illegal‘ but seemed a bit unsure about our efforts to change the law, saying ‘the Govt. of NZ wont allow it’ I then explained that NZ is one of the last OECD countries to do so & we are ‘at the back of the pack’ in the western world.. time to catch up

4) I explained that the seeds can be pressed into oil & used for a whole raft of things.. BUT; not to “Get High”

* I told her to tell/bring her friends & tell them “We are about Education, rather than just smoking weed & getting high man !” I think there is still a real ignorance about Cannabis. I explained to the lady, that ‘Marijuana’ was a slang name, that was really all about; Fear-mongering & Demonisation of the herb.

**We also had a American couple visit, who were much more educated & were more interested, in what NZ activists were doing to catch up to USA ? We had a good long chat….

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medical views

I saw a ‘youth current affairs, chat panel’ TV show, the topic was the over-prescription of Opioids ? They mentioned:

1) USA is definitely leading the charge, with doctors giving out prescriptions for ‘Oxycontin’, for the relief of ‘general aches & pains’ (sore backs & arthritic joints) were once; opiates were only for ‘Severe pain’

2) a new super-strength opioid has now ‘hit the market’ : Fentanyl, which I hear is closer to ‘Elephant tranquilizer’ than Morphine

3) in the last 2-3 years Aotearoa/NZ is starting to catch up, with opioid prescriptions reportedly at 215% of previous years

4) a Doctor/drug specialist was the guest interview & stated that they are trying, to curtail this.. concern amongst GPs/med specialists, that patients are asking their doctors for these opioids, by name (& getting them).. overdoses are also rising sharply

5) were once these people maybe have used paracetamol/aspirin, OR have moved up/resorted to buying ‘street heroin’ they are now becoming ‘big-pharma junkies’

6) one guy on the panel asked’ “what about medical marijuana.. I’m just asking for a Friend ?” (everyone laughed); but the Doctor said ‘its not actually a bad idea, less addictive & almost no other side-effects‘.. BUT: it’s mostly still ILLEGAL in NZ !!!

* Why is the Govt. treating a Class C drug (Cannabis) almost as if, it is more harmful than a Class A (Opiate) just because one comes in the form of a ‘little white pill’ & the other a herb to smoke/vape ? “CRAZY MAN”

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Cannabis party.. comes of age

I read that the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party (ALCP) has; finally come of age (turned 21). They formed in 1996 & have been at the forefront of pushing cannabis law reform in this country. Unfortunately as a ‘one-issue party’ they have not been taken seriously, in the mainstream of NZ politics & have so far, failed to get into parliament (requires either winning a ‘electorate seat’ or getting 5%+ of the ‘party vote’ to get list seats).
I read that they are the only party though; that have contested every general election & by-election during this period (under the current MMP political system).

I see that they are again gearing up to contest, the upcoming General election on 23/9/17.

The other issue being; that an increasing number of other larger parties, are now taking up the Cannabis reform issue (besides the Green party, who have also promoted the issue, but have said it was not a main priority, in recent years) & this could see ALCP remain at the fringe.

Maybe the party ‘coming of age’.. could finally see the whole issue come of age too; achieve the long-awaited reforms, that the vast majority of kiwis say, is “well past due !”

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politics.. mixed messages

I just watched a replay of this weeks ‘Back-Benches’ (NZ Pub Politics).. in light of the drug symposium in parliament, it was a main topic. There were a few questions asked of the ‘political panel’ one MP from each of: Labour, NZ1st, National (Govt.) & Greens:

1) have you smoked Cannabis?
ALL said “YES” (to loud applause); even the Govt. MP whose party are anti-reform

2) Should Aotearoa/NZ consider following countries like Portugal & decrim. ALL Drugs ?
The Labour MP said the focus needs to be on Medicinal & harm reduction. The NZ1st MP was ‘non-committal’. The Nat/Govt. MP said “NO” & the Green MP said cannabis Yes, others they will look at.. but reaffirmed drug use, should be a health issue, not a criminal one

3) Is it OK for the NZ Drug Foundation, to attend music festivals etc. & use facilities/equipment to test/confirm the compounds in ‘Pills etc.’ people are using ?
The Labour MP said YES with proviso, it is part of a move to health issues. The NZ1st MP said it was a bit like ‘needle exchange’ part of a health strategy. The Nat/Govt. MP said ‘Just say NO to Drugs’ (paraphrased) & the Green MP said ‘Yes’ as part of a health strategy

Again this current Govt. are sending mixed messages on this issue.. they say they support a health approach, but NOT any moves to reform the current, eff. ZERO-tolerance, Prohibition/Law Enforcement status quo !! 😦

So again; I say to any Kiwis who maybe reading this, who support Cannabis/other Drug law reform.. please consider this on 23/9/17 (election day).. IF you vote for the current Govt. you will only get ‘More of the SAME’.. is that what you really want ?

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