no magic bullet

I read that the claims, that cannabis can cure everything from headaches to cancer.. are being rebutted, by many ‘experts’.. fair enough

The main issue being that prohibition, all but, put a stop to its genuine use.. much of the ‘old traditional’ preparations are either lost or are often seen now, as ‘snake oil-type’ treatments. When once about a third of medicines (prior to prohibition) contained extracts & tinctures of the herb.

BUT now it seems, that some people are looking to cure everything with it. This IS just misinformation.

An Australian Prof. (pain specialist) is questioning many of these claims;
“The question of evidence, I think, hangs in the air much like some smoke,” he told a meeting of Australian pain specialists in Brisbane on

Unlike Aotearoa/NZ; our ‘cousins across the ditch’ are now allowing more broad access to the drug; a few states have legalised it medicinal use, but want to see it evidence-based.

then this;
“We know that chronic pain is a much more complex phenomenon which requires a holistic approach to management that is tailored to the individual’s circumstances. To rely only on medicines is just not going to work,” Prof (name removed) said.

“The medicinal cannabis genie is out of the bottle. Things will never be quite the same. Should we not accept a level of uncertainty about evidence?” Dr (name removed) said

BUT.. it should not be just another excuse, to maintain the status quo either !

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frontlines news

I read & hear these issues, recently:

1) the ‘gateway to hard drugs’ has become obvious in ‘heartland NZ’ with larger numbers of busts for Meth/P, in recent times. Many saying it (‘the gateway’) is nothing to do with cannabis, BUT; all about the more lucrative Meth/P trade ($1k/grm) being dominated by gangsters (maori/pacifika)/org. crime cartels (Asian ? most precursors come from China)

2) meanwhile all the NZ ‘tinnie houses’ are becoming ‘meth/P houses’. Again the ‘cannabis drought‘ is mentioned

3) I hear that a lawyer was ‘testing the waters’ around the legal issues of hard-edge negative media, toward political parties. He reportedly picked on the ALCP; Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis party (not currently in parliament, but has been a party since 1990s). I am yet to see anything more..

4) It seems that many still see it as a ‘one issue’ party, BUT really there are ‘many issues’ wrapped up in it: Hemp, Med-use (inc. lack of research), personal (R18+) use. BUT especially: the possible environmental impact, if hemp was much more widely pushed; bio-deg. plastics, bio-friendly paper, bio-fuels, housing/hemp-crete & fibre board etc. etc.

**”ALL (not) KA PAI.” sez I&I 😀

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Support from the Right

I read that the NZ ACT party (far-right) have also come out, in support of cannabis law reform. This now leaves just the National (centre-right) party, who lead the current Govt. as the only real block !

The report states:

‘ACT MP (name removed) showed he’s no one-hit wonder after announcing he would legalise cannabis “tomorrow”.’

‘The Project (a news chat show) host (name removed) tackled the burning issue and planted the seeds by asking (the ACT MP) if, given the growing popularity of cannabis in NZ, its legal status should be changed.’

“I think that time’s going to come. People are going to look at what’s happened in Canada and California and other places starting with ‘C’ and they’re basically going to say: ‘Look, it’s time to make that change’,” (the MP) replied, bluntly.

“Personally I’d do it tomorrow, but sometimes you gotta go with public opinion – try to get too far ahead and you’re dead.”

The main issue being, the ACT party are in coalition with this Govt. who have made it clear that further reform (beyond ‘big-pharma’ medicinal) is not on their agenda. This means that Aotearoa/NZ will definitely need a change of Govt. at the election in September (fingers crossed).

There is another ‘centre’ party (NZ-first) who have not given support to the issue, BUT have said they are willing to support a referendum on it.. agreeing to follow the outcome.

Again, I wonder what this current Govt. agenda really is ?
Status quo only.. WHY ?

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discretion used

I have been reading a few news items, on ‘J-day’ in Aotearoa/NZ.. apparently Police ‘used discretion’ when reportedly, not arresting anyone at the 6 events advertised. It’s interesting to hear this, because in several recent medicinal use cases, people were arrested/prosecuted ! (no discretion was used ?)

I most cases, J-day now just gets a passing mention in the media (a bit of a non-event.. no longer really news-worthy) BUT methinks this would be different if the police sent out lines of ‘paddy wagons’ to round-up the 1000s of people smoking the herb in public, then putting them before the courts ? This just highlights that this is now seen, more as a ‘political stunt’, rather than a real ‘law & order’ issue.

At a similar, recent protest there were reportedly a few arrests of ‘high profile ring-leaders’ BUT the truth is, again its about making political statements; rather than ‘ENFORCING the law’.

I read the following comments/statements in local media:

“We want people to be able to come together and meet other cannabis users. All around us are pubs but there is nowhere for cannabis users to go, hang out and meet each other – social connections are important.” said a spokesperson
‘She wanted people to stop judging cannabis users “for their choice of intoxicant”.
“Cannabis is much safer than alcohol so why are we trying to stop people using it?”

then this:
‘A police spokeswoman said there were no reported incidents or arrests in relation to J Day in Dunedin.’
“The role of police was to enforce the law and the police approach to cannabis had not changed,” she said.
“Police officers do, however, have discretion on how they deal with a range of matters, including cannabis offences, on a case-by-case basis.”

Whilst most people at J-day, likely realise that they could be arrested, in these cases of ‘civil disobedience’, is has become highly unlikely. It also proved (IMHO) that prohibition; is the ‘bigger harm’ than smoking the herb !

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Drugs in sport

I hear that 3 high-profile, NZ sportsmen were busted for cocaine possession/use recently. They have reportedly been stood down from their positions, by the ‘sporting authority’ & maybe face prosecution before the courts ?

The report said these guys were ‘out on the booze’ & got involved with illegal DRUGS as well (as if Alcohol is NOT a drug ?).

Several commentators have condemned them & stated the ‘ZERO-tolerance’ option, as the solution !!

Usually when you hear about ‘Drugs in sport’ it means; steroids etc. NOT Cocaine or cannabis.. BUT the misinfo. about drugs, still see recreational drug use in the same sentence.

The reality being; young people do use drugs & ALCOHOL (the more harmful ?).. but because its LEGAL, its considered OK.

addendum; since the story was reported, I watched an interview with the NZ Minister of health. He was asked to comment on the fact that two of the men were so drunk, they said they could not remember using the cocaine. Also that the sport is hugely sponsored by Alcohol companies. He replied (paraphrased) ‘This is not about alcohol or the sponsorship, its about idiots using COCAINE !’. Again just proving the totally different attitude that many take to alcohol & ‘other drugs’ OR perhaps the minister had another reason ?
I still remember watching a reporter asking people on the street for their opinion on this.. many said similar things, some even denying that Alcohol is a drug !

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Med-use Doco

I just watched a rerun of an Australian doco. about medicinal cannabis. The following issues caught my attention:

1) a doctor was struck off the medical register for supplying cannabis oil, to his patients
2) a doctor in Israel stated that, there has been several decades of deliberate misinfo. about the harm of cannabis, that has stopped research into its genuine potential uses
3) a doctor said that most ‘western medicine schools’ really do not have a clue about cannabis
4) a mother of a child with severe epilepsy (now treated with cannabis oil) stated ‘we have all been hoodwinked into believing cannabis is an evil drug’ this has prevented its use
5) the blanket prohibition, has also prevented medicinal access to the drug
6) western medicine allows opiates (which are more harmful) but prevents cannabis drugs
7) the whole issue of recreational use has been used to ‘muddy the waters’ around its medicinal potential
8) the countries that have the most draconian attitudes are those that still prevent these uses.. inc. Aotearoa/NZ !

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Happy J-Day

I just got back from the local J-day in the Octagon in Dunedin 🙂 It was great to sit out in the open & partake with like-minded ‘herbie folk’. Apparently they did get a visit from the local constabulary (as they were setting up) but no ‘incidents’ occurred.

There was only the ‘hard core’ activists & an assortment of ‘tokers & stoners’ (maybe 100 ?) BUT it was good to see they were also giving out education leaflets on all uses of cannabis: Medicinal, Industrial hemp & Recreational (R18) They also had political info. on the policies of each of the current parties.

They had several bales of hemp stems.. which made good ‘natural seating’. Another ‘attraction’ that many wanted to get their photo taken with; a potted male plant.. the lady on the info. stall said it was an educational tool, for those who may not have actually seen one. 😀

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