thx for shoutout..

Thx for the shoutout bert : 7/2/20 podcast

“KIA KAHA” to all activists/advocates

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whats in a label

Over the past 40 years.. I have heard many labels, appended to ‘Drugs/drug issues’. Many of them have had negative ‘stereotypical’ ideas added to them.. a few examples:

1) Druggie: illegal Drug user

2) Addict: someone with a physical or psychological dependence on a drug or other thing

3) Stoner: a regular cannabis user

4) Junkie: usually a Heroin addict

5) CRIMS.: all ‘druggies’ who, get arrested/charged & prosecuted/convicted, under the outdated ‘MODA 1975’ (or similar o’seas).. even for possession/use; as I & several of my friends & acquaintances are currently.. labelled

6) Gangs/Gangsters: Outlaw gangs (often motorcycles) outside the ‘mainstream’ who allegedly manufacture/cultivate & sell ILLEGAL/Black-market DRUGS

*Whilst I have had, some of these labels pinned on me.. one ‘label’ I will not wear is ‘Pro-Drugs’ (esp. open slather, anything goes).
I want to see the END of the Drug War (in Aotearoa/NZ & Intl.) BUT I do not promote DRUG use. I want to see the end of the Repressive, Draconian, Zero-tolerance, Criminalising; status quo regime.. that has totally FAILED to meet its stated outcome; ‘a Drug-Free world’ & in-fact.. it has increased use, due to the ‘forbidden fruit mystique’ that has arisen, around them
> So the label I would prefer to have is.. ‘ANTI-PROHIBITION’. It has been the ongoing War on Drugs, that has Created: the massive ‘criminal’ Black-market & Prohibition Industries, plus.. all the negative ‘Us v Them’ attitudes that still persist in much of the world.. today
*There is an entrenched, public perception, that ‘ALL Drugs are Bad’ & only ‘good people’ abstain.
The flaw in this argument being; Alcohol & Tobacco are also DRUGS.. BUT, they are labelled ‘Legal Drugs’ & widely tolerated & yes, even promoted by ‘Big Alcohol/Tobacco’ as OK (or even ‘safe drugs’).
***This (IMHO) is a totally; divisive, narrow-minded, double-standard !

Come on all kiwis.. its time to remove these negative labels & move away from the B-S/Misinfo. !!
> Get with the program & Vote ‘YES’ on R-day (Ref-day/election NZ: 19/9/20) for Rational cannabis law reform in Aotearoa/NZ 🙂

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drawing plans

I attended a canna-hui/mtg today.. with a few local activists, to draw up some plans going forward:

> this saturday 15/2/20 is the large local street market day : ‘Thieves alley’.
A local ‘canna-friendly’ business owner, is allowing a Pro-reform group, to have a seat at her table (inc. I). So; if you’re in Otepoti that day, come on down to B64

> in the run up to R-day : 19/9/20 (aka General Election NZ)/Reeferendum.. we are planning to organise some cannaducation events/info. days etc.

> we plan to join a loose affiliation of Activists in Aotearoa, under the ‘make it legal’ banner

> we are trying to avoid being aligned with any particular political party, but acknowledge, the mahi/work by The Greens & ALCP (leading the charge)

* We have to make every effort, to win the Reeferendum.. it may not come again, in this decade !

“Kia kaha” to all those other groups/individuals who are working too, on tenei kaupapa/this agenda

They say ‘a week can be a long time in politics’, but in the rest of the world.. time keep rushing by; 19/9/20 is coming up folks 🙂

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a few questions.. to the naysayers

I have been thinking about ways to respond to the ‘naysayers’ who seem, either staunchly anti-reform (cannabis) or are perhaps teetering on the ‘I don’t care..’ side & will either vote “no” (for status quo) OR not vote at all.. I ask the following:

1) Do you believe in ‘freedom of Choice‘ ? Y/N

2) Do you actually think that ZERO-tolerance is the best option, for ‘dealing with druggies’ ? Y/N

3) Is continuation of ‘Prohibition’/status quo.. actually preventing Drug use in 2020 ? Y/N

4) OR would it be better served, to perhaps.. look beyond; the trenches (of the WoDs) & see there are, better choices: Regulation, legal controls; similar to alcohol ?

5) Do you really think, that Cannabis use should continue to be a ‘Criminal Offense’ or looked at with an alternative vision: to ZERO-TOLERANCE !?

6) Do you even perhaps think that Cannabis should be actually seen at a harsh CRIME & compared to MURDER, Rape etc. with mandatory Jail for smallest possession/use (as did occur in 1950-60s) ? Y/N
> as I have actually read support for, on other sites 😦

*I still have to pinch myself at age 59.. I remind myself “Cannabis is still a Criminal Offense, in Aotearoa/NZ in 2020 !” 45 years (since MODA 75 passed) & still counting/hoping to see change

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HIGH read

I just thought I’d say Thx to the folks who read my blog recently : 134 reads in one day.. beats my old total of 73 !

again I say “Kia kaha me nga mihinui” (be strong & big ups) to all those who read my words… I try to ensure I visit your sites too; its about communication, not misinformation 🙂

“cheeeeeeeeeerz !”


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another day..

Today; the peoples of Aotearoa/NZ, celebrate/commemorate the signing of the founding document of this nation/whenua: ‘Te Tiriti o Waitangi’ aka The Treaty of Waitangi. 2020 is the 180th anniversary of 6 Feb. 1840

BUT also.. many kiwis celebrate the birthday of Robert Nesta Marley OM (Bob Marley RIP). He would have been 75, on this day.. had he still been here

Blaze up a ‘Freedom Torch’ for Bobby 🙂

“All praises in the name of the most HIGH.” 😀

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some facts

I just watched an interview on ‘morning chat’ news (NZ TV).. with a USA psycologist (studying cannabis effects) He raised the following points:

1) the most important thing, is open & honest education; NOT Propaganda, from either side

2) that there are quite a number of actual ‘harm factors’ associated with cannabis use

3) many are mental illness types: anxiety, panic attacks.. but also; schizophrenia & hallucinations ?
>there are some that believe, the fear of arrest etc. can be the trigger for these ‘anxieties’ & the end of WoD may reduce this

4) he pointed to the Intl. renown ‘Dunedin longitudinal study’: the participants were asked at age 15 & 18, whether they had used cannabis. Those who had used at age 15, were increasingly seen to have these mental issues : keep it from the youth being the message.. NOT zero-tolerance

5) keeping cannabis away from people (prohibition) only CREATES the black-market & ‘forbidden fruit’ mystique & misinformation

6) some of the relevant stats. in many studies come from NZ data; high use rate in Aotearoa

7) we need to deal with the problems of Drug use, as with Alcohol & Tobacco.. not the FAILED experiment of Prohibition. He referenced that it had also failed in USA with alcohol in the 1920s

Interestingly; the interviewer/host seem surprised that a psycologist is PRO-cannabis reform. He stated that prohibition does not stop people accessing & using cannabis, just as it did not stop alcohol use in the ‘roaring twenties’

btw: I noted that one member of the ‘crew’, who has stated she was once a cop, left the table whilst this discussion was occurring (coincidence ?)

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