Arch Villain

Thinking about the lists I came up with.. I had no problem determining who was the top of the Heroes: ‘The Hemperor’ aka ‘Hemp Jack’ author of ‘The Emperor wears no clothes’ (the Cannabis ‘bible’).. a genuine person

BUT after thinking about the Villains.. I looked at the people who mostly were responsible for implementing Cannabis/Drug prohibition.. but the Arch Villain who actually declared ‘WAR on DRUGS’ was none other than : President RICHARD MILHOUSE NIXON (aka ARSEHOLE) in the late sixties to early seventies. He even put together a commission to work on, proving his plans were correct: ‘The Shafer Commission’ but they did not find his assertions were right & totally discredited it. Nixon did not want to hear it & had all the reports destroyed (sounds familiar, to recent issues in modern NZ)

He took the UN convention from 1961 & actually declared all-out-war on a bunch of plants (OR the people who cultivate, process & use them). Nixon was actually a complete tyrant.. some people will, in order to maintain power; label a large percentage of the population as ‘public enemy #1’ OR even ‘Enemy of the STATE’ & create crisis after crisis to push this B-S Propaganda. eg He sent fully armed soldiers with flame throwers, to burn up cannabis fields in Bhangladesh (Hemp was a farm crop to them).. but Nixon only saw ‘Marihuana’ (maybe channeling Anslinger ?)

I stagger to think how many people’s lives have been damaged from; not Drugs… BUT Drug PROHIBITION ?!

btw; he was also the guy who had 10,000s killed in the war in Vietnam & Sth East Asia. He has long since passed.. but his legacy still rolls on.. hopefully not much longer ! :/

I refuse to say RIP.. preferring “Burn in Hell, ya bastard !” 🙂

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