Battlelines drawn

The War on Drugs has a clear battle line.. Law enforcement Vs The illicit ‘Drug’ trade & users.. BUT if you ask the question:
‘Who is Right & Who is wrong ?’, things are not so clear…

As in every other war there are ‘opposite sides’ & only those on those sides, decide who is taking the ‘moral high ground’. Pres. GW Bush stated “You’re either with us OR you’re with the terrorists” (obviously, claiming the ‘high ground’) in their ongoing ‘War on Terror’ BUT which side has actually created more TERROR (10,000s dead in Afghanistan & Iraq, at the hands of USA & its allies) is anyone’s guess. Osama Bin Laden was branded as ‘Public enemy #1’ BUT one man’s terrorist is another’s ‘Freedom Fighter’. At the height of WW11; a majority of Germans saw Hitler as a Messianic figure, BUT ask them now & I doubt many would agree. In the current situation in the Middle East, there are supporters on both sides, but many seeing Israel increasingly losing any ‘moral high ground’ !

Increasingly I see a similar ‘dilemma’ in the Drug War. I also sense that the battle lines are becoming less clear, with more countries allowing cannabis law reform. In the 1950s it was clear to many.. ‘DRUGS are Evil’ & it was obvious that every effort was taken to stamp them out. The UN convention 1961 clearly, calls Drug addiction an EVIL, but gives exemption to Medicinal, Scientific & Industrial uses (largely ignored until recent times). Then again there is another group ‘Status Quo supporters’ who are obviously benefiting from the current situation, regardless of who maybe right or wrong.. ie. Legal DRUG companies, Judiciary & Corrections (who rely on the continued criminalistion of ‘drug offenders’) etc. etc.

Methinks maybe its time to re-draw the battlelines.. Who is causing the most harm: Law Enforcement (?).. who insist that the war is the only viable solution & that; arrest, prosecute & punish is the only way forward OR those who see law reform (treat it as a health issue NOT a criminal one) as a better, more viable solution ??

“WAKE UP People.. its time to call the Armistice”

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