Netizens calling for End of Drug War

I just did a ‘google’ search on ‘End Drug War’ & found that like myself, there are literally millions of people (all levels of society & across many nations) calling for an end to the FAILED Drug war. But a common theme is that it appears to be falling on ‘deaf ears’ of those in power.

I find it totally fascinating that the current USA president, claimed (when he was a senator) that IF he was ever in a position to do so, he would look into this/action it.. BUT since gaining his place in the ‘Oval Office’, he has said very little, short of an almost complete U-turn on this.

It leads me to think that the real power in the world, is not with ‘politicians’ but with those who are profiting from politics. After 40 years of ‘War on drugs’ it seems that the current regime, has created a huge industry that relies on it for their financial & political/power survival.

It also seems to me that the ‘global war on terror’ is being so constantly pushed into the global psyche, that talk of ending the Drug war, just falls off the radar. Meanwhile millions suffer this injustice & nothing changes.

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